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Trumpeter / composer Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All-Stars - the premier Klezmer brass ensemble in the world - came out of mystical beginnings.The group of musicians met in NYC's Knitting Factory bar to combine their knowledge, history and talents and create magical sounds together. They threw back several cocktails in memory of the old traditions and uncovered secrets and tales of the incredible lost sounds.  In the early 19th Century there was a notorious band known as "Di Shikere Kapelye, The Inebriated Orchestra, comprised of rowdy a group of musicians that gave birth to the soul of Klezmer. With time many members parted to form new bands, whose far-reaching repertoire became a strong influence for the future Eastern European Jewish musicians. Those original styles had been thought to be lost until a number of extraordinary brass musicians under the direction of Mr. London conjured them back up and the Klezmer Brass All-Stars were born. Since then the group has recorded three albums including Brotherhood Of Brass, which featured collaborations with Serbia’s Romani trumpet god Boban Marcovic’s Orkestar and Cairo's Hasaballa Brass Band and served as one of the inspirations for New York Brass Festival.